Being a Doula means I care about the choices, decisions, and experiences you and your family desire. Allow me the honor of making this journey one woven together with joy, love, and happiness as you pass through an unforgettable experience.


Having a Doula means...

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Having someone to talk to.

Often times, meeting with your caregiver leaves you with more questions than answers. I'm available to have that conversation with you about what you're experiencing during your pregnancy, labor and birth. With evidence-based resources provided for you to make an informed decision with your birth team. What you feel and what you have to say matters.

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Continual support and comfort.

As your doula, you'll receive round the clock support during labor & birth. As part of your birth team, I will be with you and your partner no matter who's changing shifts. Having been there with you during your pregnancy, allows me the privilege of being one of your persons you can count on to provide you with various comfort measures and emotional support that will help facilitate the birth experience you desire.

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Having a plan in place for you and your baby.

No matter how much you prepare for the day you get to meet your little one, you may still have uncertainties surrounding your birth and postpartum journey. Knowing your preferences helps you in your decision making for whatever may come during labor, birth and immediate postpartum.

Who Am I?

My name is Nancy. Born and raised in Miami-Dade County, I am a first generation Haitian-American. I holds an A.S. degree from Keiser University where I studied Occupational Therapy Assistant. I worked as a COTA in pediatrics for 7.5 years, before deciding to become a Birth Doula. My journey began in 2018, in which I trained with DONA International. My expertise spans Hospital, Home and Birth centers alike. I continue to provide support, education and care to families throughout the Tri-County areas. A mother of 4 (one transitioned at 29 weeks gestation), it is my greatest desire that every woman receives the support they need as they navigate the woven passages of pregnancy, labor and birth to achieve their goal of having an unforgettable birth with their desires heard and honored.


Prenatal Support

Let's sit back and get to know each other a little. After all, who would be comfortable letting a stranger rub their back during labor, right?! Our first meeting, we take things slow and get to know each other. You can lay it on me, I'm a really good listener. Once you've made a decision, we will follow up and discuss your joys, your fears, and preferences during labor. I can also help you create a birth plan that will capture all of the goals important to you and your birth experience.

Birth & Postpartum Support

After 37 weeks, you're feeling ready as baby prepares to make it earth side. I will be available to you 24/7, so that when you say "It's go time" I will be there. I'll be there to provide hands on (or off) support during labor to ease those waves of discomfort. After birth, we'll meet to recount your experience and I'll provide you with immediate postpartum support while providing you resources to support you further along your postpartum journey.

Bengkung Belly Bind

The Bengkung Belly Bind derived from Malaysia, but is a common practice in many cultures. Wrapping the hips and abdomen after birth, aids in postpartum recovery and helps heal diastasis recti. This method provides support to the core and aids in repositioning the organs, while stabilizing the ligaments that were loosened during pregnancy. Used with 100% organic cotton, it conforms to your body's natural curves without causing any discomfort, restrictions or pinching.

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Bain Fey & Herbal Assessment for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Tinctures, Teas, Salves, Infusions, Yoni steam, and postpartum herbal baths. These holistic alternatives for pregnancy and postpartum within the southern and caribbean tradition, helps keep Mom and baby healthy and strong. Plants and herbs provide an array of minerals and nutrients needed during pregnancy and postpartum. Once baby is born, mom needs time to heal, fortify her strength and REST! Bain Fey (Herbal bath) will help you do just that.


Nancy is a wonderful, knowledgeable, professional doula. When I found out I was pregnant she was the first person to call and hire, I knew she would be amazing at her job. From helping me get through the first trimester between being sick or overall scared because the first twelve weeks are touchy, she was there! There are so many times where she helped to reassure me on things that I didn’t know because I’m a first time mom. She always answered all of my questions and guided me with my birth plan and different moves to do during labor. When plans changed because I had to be induced and due to preeclampsia, she was able to adapt to whatever came our way. I’m eternally grateful that I had her and chose her doula services. It made my pregnancy and delivery so much better. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula, it’s totally worth it!

Giselle Mc.

As a black plus size woman I knew that it was important that I had a knowledgeable person by my side who would make sure to ask the right questions and look out for my well being during my pregnancy and afterwards. I am thankful that I chose woven passages to be that voice for me. I felt heard and comforted throughout my entire pregnancy.

Stacy D.

I honestly don't know where to start. Nancy is a BLESSING from God. I remember praying for the ideal Doula because I knew this unmedicated natural birth would be difficult, and it was. Nancy was by my side the entire time. Despite the fact that she had Mother's Day arrangements with her family, she made me feel like she had set aside the entire day for me when I went into labor on that day. That exemplifies how selfless and committed she is. Her gentle touch and spirit really reassured me during my most difficult times. She was familiar with all of the labor positions, techniques, and pain management tools used during each stage and transition of labor. She was calm but assertive, knowledgeable but not domineering, a great listener but not afraid to speak up when my insecurities surfaced. Nancy was by my side for the entire 16-hour duration of my birth. She did not sit down or eat for a single second. I remember wanting to give up, and she pushed me to a level I never thought possible. She was oblivious to the fact that she needed to provide both physical and emotional comfort to me. Words cannot express how present she was. Everyone in the room felt at ease and at ease because of her spirit and aura. She gives you the impression that everything will be fine no matter what. My entire birth team, friends and family adored her and wanted to get in touch with her. Nancy has truly found her calling. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I'm due again this year and will without a doubt hire Nancy as my Doula. If you are looking for a Doula who knows how to navigate the uniqueness of each birth flawlessly, I strongly and highly recommend Nancy. Nancy is the best Doula I've ever met!

Weybrielle J.

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